Christmas Blessings

As the first half of the year comes to a close and we begin to head off for our Christmas break, we want to ask God to bless each and every family that we have come to know and love. We are blessed each day that you share your child with us. We pray that you are blessed in turn by the time you get to spend with your child over break. May you see the smiles we have come to love. May you hear the laughter that creates a chain reaction in our classroom. May God bless you that you may hear the sweet things and phrases your child will so often say during school  that give us a smile during our days together.  May you be blessed this Christmas and may it overflow into the New Year. We pray these blessings fill your heart and in turn it flows into the lives of those you see! Until we see you in the New Year may God hold each of you in his heart! 
Mrs. Porter & Mrs. Fravel