I hope everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving. I got to see some out of town cousins and celebrate a new nephew.

6th Grade
NWEA testing affected our schedule today. The first period class only met for about 10 minutes during which we reviewed some space objects we looked at last week. Second period met for the full time. Students were given several space objects and they had to classify them into groups based on the characteristics of each object. Students will share their classification systems either tomorrow or Wednesday. (We're scheduled for Reconciliation during class tomorrow.

7th Grade
Students examined 3 different sites that nuclear waste could be stored. They needed to come up with a list of pros and cons for each site. Students then voted where they felt the waste should be stored.

8th Grade
We discussed possible ways we could dispose of last week's used etching solution. One possibility was to pour it down the drain. We discussed concentration using parts per million and that to be safe, our concentration of copper needed to be about 1PPM to pour it down the drain. Students conducted a serial dilution in order to determine the concentration of our used solution. We will discuss the results tomorrow.