6th Grade
Students who missed class yesterday due to NWEA testing, had class today and did the classification activity from yesterday. The second class went to Reconciliation during class time.

7th Grade
Seventh graders chose a location they felt was the best to store nuclear waste. Students were then grouped based on the locations they chose and began working on a commercial for the location. Students are required to have a written script and a completed storyboard before the can begin video taping.

8th Grade
We continued discussing using dilution as a method of wasted disposal. Based on the results of yesterday's serial dilution, students determined that our waste etching solution has a concentration of 100,000 ppm. We then determined that to safely pour one liter of waste solution down the drain, we would need to dilute it with 99,999 L of water. We also discussed the pros and cons of using dilution.