Advent . . . we wait

While we are waiting for Christmas, we are performing "Random Acts of Kindness" and we are collecting loose change to "Shower" baby Jesus with gifts.  We will use the collection to purchase baby items for the Hope Clinic.  By serving others, we are serving the Lord.  Our hope is that through these "Act" we might draw ourselves closer to Christ, and that this Christmas will be the best one yet!

Mrs. Dyer's 4th Grade Class

My hope is that 4th grade will prove to be challenging and FUN.  We read several novels, learn how to multiply two and three digits, divide, write formal letters, visit the Survive Alive House, Camp Potawatomi, the Berne Swiss Heritage Village, learn about Indiana History and what it means to be an entreprenuer in our community, and maybe we'll even eat some fried worms. We will laugh a lot and learn even more!