Many Blessings and a Safe Fall Break to All

It is hard to believe that the entire 1st quarter is done, parent-teacher conferences completed and fall break is already upon us. It is quite clear that God had blessed me greatly, and He continues to do so every day that I get to spend at St. Joe. I pray that the blessings in your life are just as abundant. I pray, too, that all who travel during our extended break, do so safely, enjoy their vacation, and return with memories to last a lifetime. My wife and I are traveling, and we know where we will be attending Mass. The last time we traveled this same route, we spotted a very small, old parish in the middle of the country. We have tried to time our travels so that we can pass by St. Rose at just the right time to be able to attend Mass. Don't miss the opportunity to show your children that our Sunday obligation as Catholics is indeed an important one. Check your map, locate a parish, and take a small detour if necessary. It is also a great opportunity to point out the universality of our faith. May God bless you in your travels, and I cannot wait to hear the stories from the students of what they did.