Grandparent's Day and Diocesan School Accreditation

 Grandparent's Day

Next week we will be celebrating Grandparent’s Day at school. We look forward to meeting the many grandparents that do so much to guide, shape and help the students in our school in all of the fundraising efforts, homework help, and especially in forming them in their faith.  Without the help of grandparents, many families would struggle to get kids to school, practices, games, piano and guitar lessons.  We thank you for all you do, and hope to see you next Thursday at Mass.


Diocesan School Accrediation

All schools in the Fort Wayne-South Bend Diocese are currently in the process of gaining AdvancED Diocesan Accreditation. In the past, each school went through the process and received school accreditation.  Now, we are working on system level accreditation.  Part of the process at the school level includes seeking input and involvement of all stakeholders as we develop/refine our goals, mission and vision.  Parents and parishioners alike need to be represented in our school improvement plan. Many of you completed surveys during the last school year, and that data is being used as we consider changes. If you would like to assist in this effort in a more active manner, perhaps serving on a committee or disaggregating survey data, please contact the school office.