AdvancED School Improvement-Technology Use

 Last school year many AdvancED and Catholic Identity surveys were completed by parents, students, and the faculty and staff at St. Joe School. The surveys covered what our stakeholders perceived as strengths and weaknesses in our school. We have read through the results, and we are working on many areas that were seen as "areas in need of improvement." One of those noted was a lack of the use of technology in learning.

Upon our return from break, all school staff have started to receive training on Google Apps for Education. Additionally, to help with classroom implementation of technology, the 7th Grade class is also learning to use these tools to enhance the educational experience. The goal is that they will become our resident Computer GoTo people. Teachers will be able to request extra hands in their classes as they begin to try new things, knowing they will have help and support ready to make their first forays successful.

In future newsletters, we will share more of the survey findings and how that data is being used to improve our school.