"Principal for the Day"

On Thursday, November 5th, St. Joseph School was managed by 2nd Grade Student, Quinn Buchan. Quinn became "Principal for the Day" as a result of the parish Fall Fest fundraiser.

Her day began with receiving her official school ID badge and lanyard. Next, Mass in the school auditorium, and then she called for a fire drill immediately following Mass. Evacuating everyone from the auditorium was new, and Principal Buchan had everyone out of the building in under 2 minutes. In addition to the fire drill, our principal visited each classroom, read a book our kindergarten classes, reviewed security camera footage, sent a few emails, used the school elevator, visited the rectory, conducted a tornado drill, and observed our preschool and daycare classrooms.

Miss Buchan did speak to Fr. Dave about raises for the teachers. However, following negotiations, it was decided that a "Free Dress Day" for teachers was the more budget friendly option, and that it, would certainly be appreciated by the teachers. Her final actions for the day were to give each teacher a pumpkin spice cupcake as a reward for their hard work, and an extra recess to all classes on the 1st floor.

Congratulations to Principal Buchan for a job well done!