New Website and School Facebook Page

If you are reading this, you already know the school website has been updated. Currently, over 60% of traffic to the school site comes from mobile devices and web pages don't always look the best on these. However, the new website is mobile responsive. The layout will change, pictures rearrange, and menus adapt depending upon the size and orientation of the screen you are viewing. Content about school events and student achievements will be added often.

We want to include and involve our alumni on our site as well. Since many families are second or third generation here, I am counting on you to get this effort started. If you have information about your time at St. Joseph School, including photos and related stories, we'd like feature those things on our pages. We are running the same appeal in this week's bulletin, but our current school families can serve to jump start this goal.

In addition to the website, the school now has a Facebook page. A link to our Facebook page can be found at, or you can search for St. Joseph Catholic School-Decatur from Facebook. The page was created on Wednesday, and we already have 158 followers, and our first post has reached over 2,000 people. Media release forms were sent home in the registration packets, but with the addition of Facebook and our new website, we will be featuring more student photos online. We will respect the selections you made on those forms, and rest assured, as the policy states, we will never identify students by name in any photo in our media or advertising. In instances where awards are received and recognition of students would be appropriate, direct parental consent will be obtained before posting a name with a student photo. Please visit our pages often, make suggestions, "Like" our page and share the good news about St. Joseph School with everyone you know.